Brand Guide

Establishing a brand identity is paramount to developing a marketing approach that differentiates from the competitor brands. We start with understanding a client’s business model, channel strategy, target audience segment, industry headwinds, competitive set and product suite. Here is how we do it:

  • Differentiation
    We want to discover together what sets your brand apart from others, especially legacy brands that are more established in the market. We want to know what inspires you. What motivates you? Do you know how to connect with your customers/audience? Where do you want to take your brand? What do you dream about your brand becoming? How do we break through and provoke forward-thinking realities? Our goal is simplistic but it drives idea generation.
  • ID Creation
    We want our clients to “feel” the work, to see their brand come to life in ways that exceeds their expectations. This work isn’t done with a single PowerPoint presentation—logo creation is iterative, usually starting with more raw expressions and then evolving into more granular, detailed refinement.
  • Messaging + Visual Branding
    While a new logo is certainly a very important element of a rebrand, it doesn’t tell a complete story. Just as important as the logo, are the things that surround it. It involves messaging, imagery and color and texture—all working together to reinforce and establish a brand’s visual and verbal identity.

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Basic Logo

$ 100
  • Conceptual Logo
  • Research on your niche
  • Custom symbols, fonts and colors that have a meaning to them
  • Minimal so that it is easy to recognize & remember
  • Meaningful so that it gives a message to your audience

Logo + Accessories

$ 180
  • Conceptual Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Letter Head
  • Business Stationary Items


$ 35 /Page
  • Business Portfolio
  • Buisness Presentations
  • Catalogue

Complete Brand Identity

$ 250
  • Conceptual Logo
  • Accessories designs
  • Buisness Presentation / Catalogue (Upto 5 Pages)
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